How should children respond when they lie or cheat?

It is completely natural for children to lie for no reason,to acquire things they like without the consent of others. But it is the responsibility of parents to correct their children without seeing such things done at an ignorant age without realizing that they are doing wrong.

But often in such cases parents get angry. There is no particular benefit in scolding or punishing a child in such an angry manner. At that time,even if the child says that what he did was wrong and that he is sorry, the child may not realize what he did wrong. So,what parents should do is to deal calmly and constructively when their kids cheat.

Stay calm

If you notice a behaviour from your child that you cannot understand, stay calm: avoid reacting with excitement or anger.  Waiting or enduring a situation may lead to a positive outcome, even if it’s not immediately apparent. Provide a situation for the child to talk openly about why he did such a lie. If the child remains silent in front of the questions, calmly wait for his answer.

Open communication

Have an open conversation with the child. Ask him why he felt the need to lie and try to understand what his point of view was in the said act.  Don’t hurt your feelings by repeatedly saying that you did wrong, tell him that you value honesty as parents and tell him the need to stick to the truth in life.

Encourage telling the truth

Explain the importance of honesty in life and tell that lying is punishable. A rule can be made at home for this. Let them know the consequences of dishonesty and tell them that even if they have made a mistake, being honest is appreciated.

Teach examples

Explain the benefits of being honest as well as how lying affects a person’s life and the lives of the people around them. Stories related to the honesty of great men and their lives can all be cited as examples.

Reinforce positive behaviour

Parents always be positive. Give children the opportunity to express anything. When the child tells the truth, acknowledge their bravery in admitting the truth. Remember, building trust takes time.